Groups-Make A Change

Follow these steps If you are starting a new meeting in District 4 or need to report a meeting change (such as a new Group Rep, change in location or time, etc.).

  1. Download the A16 form Save the form.
  2. You will need your meeting’s WSO number to complete the form. To locate your meeting’s WSO number, locate your meeting on our meeting list.
  3. Enter 004 for the District number as we are in District 4.   
  4. Enter 3CAN for the Area name.  Complete the rest of the form.
  5. Email your saved form to  NCWSA will notify WSO.
  6. Mail your change to NCWSA Group Records, George L., PO Box 3225, Arnold, CA 95223.  NCWSA will notify WSO.  
  7. Email a copy to District 4 Records Coordinator, Joanne W. @