KDBM-Decision Making

KBDM  – Knowledge Based Decision Making  – Using the knowledge based decision making model to reach an informed group conscience.    Why do we think it is a good model for Al-Anon?

  • Allows thorough examination of mega issues It takes the personality out of the decision
  • It is a process for ongoing strategic thinking
  • Allows us to develop a reputation for value and being nimble
  • It allows us to build a culture on trust and open communication

Five Elements of KBDM

  • Open communication between leadership and membership
  • Dialogue before deliberation
  • All those involved in the decision will have full access to all information
  • We have confidence in the competency of our partners. “Presume Goodwill”
  • We exist in a culture of trust

The KBDM Questions

  1. What do we know about our membership’s needs, wants and preferences that are relevant to this discussion?
  2. What do we know about our “capacity” (resources) and strategic position of our fellowship that is relevant to this discussion?
  3. What do we know about the current realities and evolving dynamics of our fellowship’s environment that is relevant to this discussion?
  4. What are the ethical implications of our choices? (Pros and Cons)
  5. What do we wish we knew but don’t?

What is your part in the process?

  • Participate in the dialogue
  • Practice the principles
  • Let it begin with me
  • Allow as much time as it takes

Resource: 2012 SWRDM* *SWRDM – Southwest Regional Delegates Meeting – OCCURS once per year on the 2nd weekend in March. This is open to all At-Anon Members, however only Delegates, Alt. Delegates, Past Delegates and Area Chairpersons have voice and vote. It’s worthwhile attending at least once to get a sense of the even larger picture of Al-An on Family Groups worldwide.