HOW TO ORDER – You have choices!

District 4 Literature Coordinator.  Contact Sheilah K. by calling (530) 275.3563 or email:   Sheilah usually has at least six copies of each book on hand and can normally process orders of $200 or less.  If you need bulk quantities, you should consider purchasing from WSO or the Sacramento Literature Depot (below).

WSO (Al-Anon World Service Office) in Virginia. WSO has a three to five week delivery time.  Orders are placed online and charged to a credit card.  The link is

Sacramento Literature Depot— Literature can be ordered from the Sacramento Area Al-Anon Literature Depot, which shares space with the Al-Anon Information Service office at 5429 Palm Ave, Sacramento. Payments can be mailed via USPS, but cannot be made online. Orders can be placed online, over the phone, and by mail.  Click on the link

Amazon and eBay also offer many Al-Anon books, both new and used, which can be ordered online. Most books are sold by independent sellers. Some Amazon sellers use Amazon to ship directly and others do their own shipping. Al-Anon pamphlets are not available from Amazon.   (District 4 does not endorse Amazon or eBay – this information is provided to let you know you have choices!  Be sure to compare the prices at your meeting vs. online.)

E-books.   A number of Al-Anon and Alateen books are available for purchase as an e-book including The Forum (Al-Anon’s monthly magazine), Alateen-Hope for Children of Alcoholics, Courage to Change-One Day at a Time in Al-Anon II, Having Had a Spiritual Awakening, and How Al-Anon Works.  Some are available as audio books.   Consult your favorite electronic literature seller or click this link: